Bull Maurice Trading is a manufacturing and engineering company that specializes in the Agricultural, Environmental, Water and Forestry sectors with the manufacturing and marketing of the EX-IT™ tree and weed extractor machines, world wide.

The EX-IT™ was designed for the removal of alien trees and weeds which is a huge problem in South Africa and the world. The inventor of the EX-IT™ machine, Dick Venables has been awarded a GOLD MEDAL by the International Foundation for Science and the International Institute of Innovators in Sweden for this ground-breaking and incredibly successful invention.


EX-IT™ has also won the 2005 National Maize Producers Organization patents award and numerous other show awards.

Attaining this achievement after twenty years of use and fine tuning on alien invader species of every conceivable type, i.e. single stem, multi-stem etc, and in a wide variety of soil types, and the extensive international patent office searches and market research has consolidated our conviction that to our knowledge there is currently nothing on the market anywhere in the world that comes any where near the  EX-IT machine in terms of function affectivity, job creation at unbelievably low cost per job, manufacturing quality, extreme durability, and excellent value for money.


Hand Machines:
Having only one moving part these machines are very durable and long lasting. With a little practice the operator will find how quick and easy it is to remove plants, together with the roots. The soil is not disturbed more than absolutely necessary, reducing the threat of soil erosion. A pinch of grass seed and tramping on the whole works well. Trees with diameters up to 60 mm can be removed under favourable conditions.

Some trees such as various Acacia (thorn trees) trees can be removed only after good rains as the stem of small Acacia are very soft and do not have the strength to pull their roots out with the stem. Larger trees do not present this problem with the tractor machine.

This machine weighs about 9Kg’s.
This machine will give years of services operated according to instructions and not abused.

Tractor Powered Machines:
These machines are connected to the tractor drawbar and hydraulic lifting arms. The third link is not required. The hydraulics are only used when moving the machine from one tree to another. All pulling is done on the drawbar.

This machine will remove trees with a stem diameter up to 200 mm. It is also very effective stump removal.  

This machine weighs about 170 Kg’s.
This machine will give years of service if operated according to instructions are not abused.


Fig 1 shows the correct coupling method to a  tractor.  It is of the utmost importance to use a bolt and nut with spacers to prevent wear of the tow hitch. The Bolt must be tightened. The open side of the channel faces up.



Fig 2 Apply a small amount of grease to sliding area and oil to other moving parts. Make sure the tractor hitch is mounted securely to tractor – NO LOOSE BOLTS!




Attach hydraulic lifting arms to pins on slide. Stand clear. Start tractor and with the engine idling slowly lift hydraulics until machine is standing vertically. Fasten stop on the lever as this height will not be exceeded. For transporting, tie the machine together to stop swinging.

To remove the stump or tree reverse the tractor until the lower jaw is in contact with the stump. The lower the hydraulics and by pulling the rope, place the movable jaw around the stump. Make sure the hydraulics are completely lowered and that the movable jaw is right down. Engage lowest gear and with the engine idling move slowly forward until the stump is removed. Reverse the tractor slightly to disengage the movable jaw from the stump. Drive forward until clear of tree. Only now do you live the hydraulics to proceed to the next stamp or tree.

Warning: Never lift hydraulics with a tree on the machine. This could damage the machine or tractor.

Preparing tree for removal.
Some trees may have low branches preventing the machine from reaching the stem. These low branches must be removed, or alternatively the tree must be cut off about 500 mm above the ground for the stump to be removed.

Warning: never fasten the rope onto any part of your body. The machine has a mass in excess of 150KG’s and this could cause severe injuries.

Because of the ease and safety of operation of the EX-IT™equipment operators do not have to be subjected to time consuming training courses but are able to work efficiently and effectively after two or three hours of training and familiarisation.


See more real life pictures of EX-IT™ in action here

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